Grant Voluntary visa to Mr Narendra Modi future Prime minister of India.


We request the US government and Mr Obama to voluntarily announce visa for Mr Narendra Modi.

Reason for this decision would be the fact that in these ten years Mr Modi has made his state a model for development.

State has been full of harmony and goodwill which cannot be said about rest of India.

To his credit he won third time in free and fair elections with thumping majority with Hindus, Muslims and Christians all voting for him.

Mr Modi should not be asked to apply for visa as it is demeaning to millions of us proud Indians.

Even now this visa denial issue is being used by anti Modi forces in India to oppose his prime ministerial bid by telling Indians that US does not like Mr Modi which we are sure is not the case.

Thus request voluntary visa for Mr Modi.

Signed by all who agree.

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WE appreciate every-bodies views on this website. We know your time is important and thanks again for visiting and revisiting this page.We have 10000 likes which is an achievement for face book. So every Hindu who is a true Hindu and is brave talks like Baba Ramdev. We will kill 50 Pakistanis for one Indian solder dead on the boarder. We could clap and say ye but hold on Baba Ramdevjii too late congress has made sure in all these years you cannot do that and if you act in valour you may cause damage to India more then you can imagine. Remember congress government let them built nuclear arms. We know how many times people have lost war because they underestimate the enemy. Pakistan has not been sitting and if you look at data from MIT we may have a tough time just fighting with Pakistan alone. Add china to that equation. Why is china doing what it is across border and why is Pakistani so belligerent and not scared, do you think they have not talked before, yes they have and add the militants plus Muslims in Kashmir that want an independent state and there is a perfect recipe for independent country called Kashmir. If a war happens you will be fighting a war on two fronts with no support and you will be fighting the militants and Naxals who have support from communist party and china and with the morale at the lowest with a fractured India what will you achieve- probably bite the bullet loose Kashmir and maybe a few states like Arunachal Pradesh. So time is not to act heroic If you go to China it humbles you just the roads and Infrastructure they are building everyday- the superpower is there and we do not stand a chance. They have worked on this infrastructure while Diggy and co were trying to build their vote banks in India. Knowingly or unknowingly congress has helped in fracturing India for their petty gains to the point that almost everything is lost. Why blame congress yes I will- because they have been rulers for 50 years. When a kid takes drugs you look at parents who may say they did everything right and are not sure why kid was a druggy. They may have done everything right but tell story to a third person and he will utter something wrong with parents, That is it it when you are father you have to take responsibility of the child going the wrong way that is how world works you can blame BJP but you have been in power and not BJP so responsibility falls on you. So what happened to Indian people who had morals and values which has eroded slowly. Remember post 1971 victory when India let go 100000 Pakistani POW. PM wanted to look good and yes I am talking about Indira Gandhi. So thousands of men died we won the war Indian forces went up to Lahore and she gave everything back. Agree we did split Pakistan which is big but could we have ended the whole Kashmir and Pakistan problem at that time and got a better deal, I am sure we could. So from childhood the thought was no to Indian army just because of these Politicians in India.It makes me feel sad. Our Army men are like Pawns in the battle. One moron even publicly says in India you go in army to die anyway. So remember Obama and the Boston bomb blast he went himself and I tell you it was frustrating because nothing came on TV except the us flag and all the patriotic chantings for many days. Thanks to Indian TV you can watch everything about Shahrukh’s new movie amid pieces of news of Jawans dying and politicians trying to score a point over one another. So the congress made sure and Indira culture prevailed honesty was laughed at and people gave up. This I think was one of the biggest harm that congress did to India and Indians started then and gets worse as everyday passes. The same congress is trying to change the constitution to make convicts keep being ministers no surprise they did everything they could to break the backbone of honest Indian person. Everything was rigged to the point where people lost hope in the system-I always think of the air-hostess who committed suicide because of this monster and then her mom killed herself but the monster is still smiling and in twenty years that the case will take he will pretty much live his life without any punishment. Look at Sikhs burnt and killed I remember even in the smallest town in India how many years has it been and how many years it will be to get one person punished. It could have been a joke but sadly this is happening in India everyday and the most Important reason is the crappiest judicial system in the world that India has. So these Women’s organizations trying to again score brownie points with the rape of Nirbhaya made me think when their is no law and order everybody starts behaving like Apes and that is how these Women’s group were behaving. They were fighting over age and other issues but did they not realize that most important piece of the problem was the delay in justice and this would have been high time to make law in courts for a time limit before case has to be disposed? And the guts of sheila Dixit and some others from congress talking about lost morals of young Indians behind all this -Hey you made us that angry Indian because you guys kicked and shoved an honest average man in India so much that he has today become violent. Kids who were wanting to study got booted out because you had donation people coming in and now you are telling young Doctors to go to remote villages for one year-will you send your own daughter or daughter in law to these places where you do not go without bodyguard and jeep.That lady IAS looks so pathetic in front of this big burly Muslim UP minister always comes on TV I feel so sorry for her.These are Goons walking in broad daylight calling the shots and they can pretty much do what they want. So now they don’t kill them before it was done to hide evidence now they burn them with acid as nobody cares about courts even fast track one you can keep appealing until you are old. In UP happens everyday. Don’t hear in Gujarat thank God to Modiji . See Bofors comes to mind from high school to college to midlife you get tired and give up. That is what congress wanted if their is law of the land prevailing- why would anybody listen to them they learn quick from British. In US people do not care who is that politician and they do not run to him. Politicians want donation but you as an average citizen have very little interest in them because even If you have a driving ticket they cannot help you,trail will happen a case has to finish in three months even a murder trail and verdict is their.There is also no whims and fancy of judges and jury will give th e verdict you know how that works if Daud Ibrahim is in docs jury will find him guilty judge may not as proof may be lacking. So friends I think the only thing we should fight for and I say the only thing is overhaul the judiciary to have set time frames for trials. Nothing else much we need as things will start falling into place. We support Mr Modi also because he is a fresh face and he will make changes we have seen the trials go to finale much quicker in Gujarat then rest of India and Mr Modi needs to be congratulated for that. You know what quick justice does, it gives closure to people and they believe in the system. You know Muslims In India are so different then in the rest of the world I wonder why and I know why because they feel insecure they feel justice will be denied to them unless they have complete control.Hindus feel the same scared in India so everybody is on edge. So we have to deal sternly with people that are already militants and will not change their ways as we cannot risk India for them but otherwise we only need to really work on a fair judicial system. In fact that will be our next Goal -signature for change we want a law that judgement is guaranteed in 3 months. Will you be scared of the cop next door No why because you can sue him in court and in three months you will have judgement on your side. After Rodney King verdict of millions every cop in US is scared of touching a black guy! That is why we think all this talk of Anna hajare’s people fighting is hogwash. This will take away intellectual voters who normally vote for BJP. Modiji is only person who can bring a change. Other leaders have been tested and failed. So Lokayukta and all that talk is crap because when the lokayukta will see a bribe is coming for millions and he can drag the charge in court for 20 years then he will take bribe especially if Son needs to go to medical school and family tells him everyday. So do not listen to this kejriwal guy he will make congress win. Total loss for India and I can bet you as he will get more seasoned and somewhat successful and want more votes they will throw a dash of salt for Muslim votes. He is playing with minds of Intellectual Hindus who want to be looked as secular- at this time best to Ignore him until he comes with a plan that is not indirectly helping congress. So our dream. does not matter Christian, Hindus Muslims. Jews and Buddhists and Atheists is same we want a good job, good family, love ,respect,safety and security.. They say enemy of enemy is friend so make friends with US and please do not start we will take over the world thing and do not need US. When the time was there to blow up Pakistani nuclear capabilities congress blew it and we have china and no Russia now. So make friends with USA get rid of congress make Mr Modi PM try solid things like judicial reform which has has eternal value and which is not one person or personality depended so it is like Mr Modi started it but it will last forever even if he is not there. Off course once we have some time try to be fully self sufficient and develop arms etc where we do not need anybody. Get rid of the terrorists but also let young men in India be happy, no fanaticism, freedom of choice no conversion by gifts etc no force against any citizen ever unless somebody undermines our borders, and no mercy at that point- policy like USA has, and new breed of people growing up with confidence in system so they are drawn to morals. Shame on congress Hindu feel safer in a christian country then India. Anyway Baba Ramdevji I respect you from my heart as you have done much good for India and like Modiji you were tormented by congress in various false cases and sadly like any Indian their is no recourse against government as if you lodge protest it will take twenty years before case opens and then you do not know who the Judge will be! We like the fact that you support Modiji and hopefully we can make some real changes in India So I am just summarizing Fight against forces of evil main evil is congress worse then militants NGOs who convert etc as without congress none of them will survive. White Christians and Israel they will be our friends in war against terrorism Being ally of the west as that is the only way to counter Muslim terrorism effectively Anyway Baba Ramdevji and many others wanting to avenge the deaths. Right this very moment we do not think this is right time. We do not need a Bhimji we need Krishna in this time . Somehow I am positive about Modiji and I have to say Mr Rajnath is like Krishna He does not want the power he wants Arjuna IE Mr Modi to win. Hopefully we will have the pieces right soon. Hare Krishna-Please sign the visa petition even Ram Bhagwan needed Hanumanji. We need diplomacy not hot hotheadedness-(congress will not go with US because Muslims hate USA. Because of Israel etc). But why should we not be friends with US. We have same enemy Jihadi Muslims and China Which wants to grow and grow its Borders. So give us voice by giving your voice to us Hare Krishna. Like · · Share