Grant Voluntary visa to Mr Narendra Modi future Prime minister of India.

We request the US government and Mr Obama to voluntarily announce visa for Mr Narendra Modi.

Reason for this decision would be the fact that in these ten years Mr Modi has made his state a model for development.

State has been full of harmony and goodwill which cannot be said about rest of India.

To his credit he won third time in free and fair elections with thumping majority with Hindus, Muslims and Christians all voting for him.

Mr Modi should not be asked to apply for visa as it is demeaning to millions of us proud Indians.

Even now this visa denial issue is being used by anti Modi forces in India to oppose his prime ministerial bid by telling Indians that US does not like Mr Modi which we are sure is not the case.

Thus request voluntary visa for Mr Modi.

Signed by all who agree.

Here is the link:

Here is the link with instruction to create an account:


22 thoughts on “Grant Voluntary visa to Mr Narendra Modi future Prime minister of India.

  1. Wanting to explain why we need this visa petition signed was very hard to a friend yesterday I will again try.
    Just Imagine US war in Iraq and a Taliban killed when unarmed.
    That is the beauty of this country they stood together and will stand together but in India it does does not happen that is why we were slaves for 1000 years.
    So George bush retires and Dick Cheney is popular and is chief of republican party and is fighting to stand against Obama in future presidential elections.
    Mr Obama designates CIA, FBI everything to investigate if that Taliban killed had some connection with orders coming from white house at that time slaps him with human rights violations charges and this goes on for 10 years still no findings but new commissions and new trials every few years! Yes in India it happens everyday.
    In the meantime Mr Cheney wants to take a trip to India apply s for visa charges are fresh for human rights violation and visa gets rejected!
    Now Obama supporters in election time go all around saying after 10 years that see even India will not allow him to come how can we make him our president.
    There is little more then that
    India has 30 percent Muslims so when they cry for that Taliban they get 30 percent extra votes!
    Think in terms of Mexico border in 20 years- cross border infiltration riots subsequent accusation of human rights violation and one party gets lots of extra votes who vilifies people who try to protect their borders.
    Somewhere story will sound familiar as it is starting to happen here.
    Anyway the article below is from a paid cross border sympathizer as you can tell but I wanted to still post it so we see how truth is muted by propaganda.
    True Mr Modi does not and will not come to USA and once he becomes Prime minister he will come anyway as his party and USA have been friends for years and USA has warmer relations with India since china Pakistan etc are all ganging up against it.
    Still our job is to remind the government to do the right thing at the right time which is now being proactive and not retroactive making it look positive ally and not somebody who had to do something because they had to and be later ridiculed for that.
    Coming back to Mr Cheney Similar things would apply in that hypothetical situation half of country would be in his favor back home and half against just like in India democrats and republicans are almost equally split but right thing for Indian government to do would be to publicly announce that hey after all these years you have proven nothing their has been not even a court case registered forget conviction etc and you are playing politics over this issue in your country. We will welcome whoever your people choose in a democracy and Mr Cheney’s visa will be granted if he wants to come. That is it end of story from our side.
    This we can do by sending a strong message to the US government by signing this petition in favor of Mr Modi

  2. These are people that the present government supports! Global war on terror can be only fought with people like Mr Modi and a vigilant US Government.

  3. watch this video Muslims not enjoying equal rights in India.This guy is a Muslim talking to not one officer but many senior police officers.
    Mr Modi’s Gujarat is the only state in India where this does not happen.
    Off course that amounts to persecution in the minds of present Indian government and people who want special status for Muslims in India
    you be the judge after watching this video, is this right or just shameful for a country.

  4. On 18 October 2011 captured IDF tank gunner Gilad Shalit, captured by the Palestinian militant organization Hamas in 2006, was released in exchange for 1027 Palestinian prisoners held in Israel. The released prisoners were responsible for the deaths of 569 Israeli civilians.

  5. India will not take Hindus being killed in Pakistan will not even give them a visa.
    Why because if millions of Muslims cross from Bangladesh and come to India they vote for congress for sure so they take care of them.
    Sad don’t you think!

  6. Dear friends, we have 1389 likes for this and sister Facebook pages pm for Modi and visa for Modi in two days but only six signatures!
    Please note in the end it is the signatures only that will count.
    With a strong number of Doctors and Influence in White house we hope to convince US administration to listen to our reasoning and grant a voluntary announcement regarding our campaign in our favor.
    Please remember for this we need to show that their is widespread support for this cause in India and USA and your one signature will go a long way to help us achieve our goal.
    So please sign the petition first. We urge you to do that and also send this request to your family and friends.
    Thanks for the likes and comments also.
    Thank You and Hare Krishna.

  7. Please Share with friends and family. Yes we can do it. We need the numbers to overwhelm the forces who do not wish India to lead on the world stage.
    But they will fail and we will win very soon!

  8. We congratulate Mr.Modi for his endeavor to take on and give a point by point reply to prime ministers lackluster address on Indian Independence Day. We believe this is no time for sweet talk and India is going through a crisis that is evident in job losses for the average Indian, Indian rupee at its lowest level, foreign investments pulling out of India and to top it all a failed foreign and domestic policy which is causing lot of anxiety in our country.
    We condemn soaps at election time doled out by the government at election time just for votes, an example of which is the food security bill.
    These schemes have in past been famous for inviting more corruption with minimal help to the poor and increasing debt on the country with no real rewards.
    We believe Indian people have matured over last fifty years to see through these gimmicks and want fiscal policies that truly will improve their livelihood and create opportunities for their betterment.
    We urge the Indian government to install confidence in the average Indian citizen by creating fair judicial system, equal opportunities for small business, and corrupt free governance.
    We believe Indian people are honest and hardworking and will succeed if fair and balanced system is created rather then catering to vote-bank politics in an unjust atmosphere created by the present system.
    We again urge the government to reconsider its priorities and work for the people and not against them.
    Jai Hind
    Sponsored by all who want every Indian to prosper and American doctors of Indian origin In the USA.

  9. Below is an article which shows clearly why we need Judicial Reforms and that should be our first priority at this time.
    While the Indian economy is hot and rampantly on a rise we also see some doubts creeping into investor minds about trusting India with their funds. Is the Indian economy too hot for investors abroad? What is scaring some people away from investing in India?

    To understand the mindset of foreign investors we have to understand the image that India presents about itself to the international world. Is it conducive to evoke an optimistic “feel good” factor amongst investors? Probably not. There are several reasons why international investors are looking away from India’s fantastic economic growth and deciding to stay away:

    Politics and corruption – The current political scenario and deep-rooted corruption at every level in the government is a major factor that discourages investors. Indian politicians are notorious for putting personal gains over the country’s welfare. International bodies of investors find it difficult to approach Indian officials and strike a mutually beneficial deal. The delay in government process and general lethargy in the political system does not help the cause. Bureaucratic problems are a deterrent for investors abroad. High levels of corruption have become acceptable in India. We see corrupt practices even in the daily lives of people and what is more shocking is its easy acceptance by the population at large. Corruption may have become routine for Indians, but that’s not how investors look at it.

    Poor infrastructure that is miles behind their home countries is raising doubts in investors’ minds about India’s ability to catch up.

    The legal system in India is weak. The investors are not assured about getting justice from the legal system in case of fraud, forgery or other illegal acts.

    The instability of the Indian social environment is evident from incidents of bomb blasts, border confrontation and frequency of other violent acts. The security of the nation and consequently the stability of its economy are questionable.

    The diversity of India is confusing to investors abroad. Multiple official regional languages, and diverse religions and castes can be scary for people who are very new to the environment. Investors are apprehensive about how, where and when to safely invest.

    Factors like corporate governance and maturity of the stock markets lagging behind those of developed countries are also a reason that investors decide to forgo investing in India.

    Undoubtedly India is the fastest growing economy today and has been able to attract substantial foreign investment. However greater investments from foreign investors who currently shy away from India would fuel its existing development.

  10. Online activism is motivating more people than ever to make a difference.


    1. Lower hurdles lead to more widespread involvement:

    The reason we have such apathy in society today is because most people believe it’s too difficult to have an impact and/or they don’t believe they personally can make a difference. Because online activism makes it easy to get involved, millions more people than ever before are speaking up and taking action. And that’s a good thing. Ask any hardcore activist you know – their first action probably wasn’t storming the White House. Usually, activists start with simple steps, get some positive feedback, and then take it to a higher level. If we want a more engaged democracy we need to make it easy for as many people as possible to feel the joy of those first simple steps. Internet petitions are effectively a “gateway drug” to more civic engagement.

    Read more:

    • The Petition

      We citizens of India are very disturbed by the delay of judicial matters in the Indian court system.
      It is unheard of in any civilized society that a case can drag on for twenty or more years without a final verdict or implementation of the verdict.
      We strongly believe that justice delayed is justice denied. From the upper rungs of Indian society to the lower strata of our beloved nation, our people are deeply saddened by the lack of justice in India.
      With no system to enforce the laws of our land, those who wish to do harm to our people are allowed to run free. Consequently, innocent people are suffering. Our faith in the judicial system is diminishing, our assurance of justice is faltering, and our conviction to put a stop to corruption in our country is immeasurable.
      We urge a law to be passed guaranteeing a six month period from time of filing a complaint to its resolution by verdict of judge or jury of every case within the Judiciary of India.
      Also, we feel that a time limit be present on the finalization of appeals in the Indian Judiciary.
      We understand this may entail an overhaul of the Judicial system in India, but judicial reform is imperative and can be achieved through the redirection of wasteful resources.
      This appeal stands to captivate the attention of our government, whom we feel has moral and ethical responsibility to address this horrific problem.
      Our elected representatives and honorable Chief Justice very well know that this delay of judicial process makes us economically suffer as foreign direct investments are dropping due to concern for time taking judicial process in which foreign investors feel they cannot address their genuine concerns. As well as large companies, people of lower socioeconomic status are plagued by the delay in the Judicial system. Under their limited resources, poorer individuals cannot afford to file longstanding cases against wealthier individuals. From major investors in the Indian economy to the poorer classes of Indian society, all are being plagued by the gross delay in our courts.
      Those who do harm in India must face swift penalty for not abiding by our laws. This will instill the faith of the common citizen in the system, along with putting a stop to elements who are inciting disharmony and committing crimes with no regard for our laws. Today, criminals understand that nothing may happen for twenty or more years, evidence will be lost, witnesses will have died, and our judiciary will be unable to prove the guilt of these individuals.
      We do not support the concept of fast track courts as it excludes cases arbitrarily. This forces others to endure a slow judicial process. These issues within our government go against our constitution and our forefathers vision of equality and justice for all without discrimination toward race, caste, creed or ethnicity and do not provide equal access for all Indian citizens.
      We again urge the enacting of this law posthaste. We feel that those of you who work for and support our cause truly care for our country and the people of India.
      With sincere regards and Jai Hind.
      Promoted by all citizens of India who wish to make our country a true democracy for all of its citizens and Doctors of Indian origin in the USA.

  11. The Speedy Trial Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “[i]n all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy . . . trial . . . .”[1] The Clause protects the defendant from delay between the presentation of the indictment or similar charging instrument and the beginning of trial.

    In Barker v. Wingo (1972), the Supreme Court developed a four-part test that considers the length of the delay, the reasons for the delay, the defendant’s assertion of his right to a speedy trial, and the prejudice to the defendant. A violation of the Speedy Trial Clause is cause for dismissal with prejudice of a criminal case.

    1 Speedy trial statutes
    2 See also
    3 References
    4 Further reading
    5 External links

    Speedy trial statutes
    See also: Speedy Trial Act

    In addition to the constitutional guarantee, various state and federal statutes confer a more specific right to a speedy trial. The prosecution must be “ready for trial” within six months on all felonies except murder, or the charges are dismissed by action of law without regard to the merits of the case.
    See also

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